Years ago someone I knew had a big dream. Before she shared it, she said: “Don’t say anything negative about it, because that will ruin my chance of achieving it!”

Bullshit. The only negativity that can screw up your results is your own.

You don’t need others to believe in your dream (or in you!)

You only have to believe in it yourself.  

By telling me to keep any comments to myself, she thought she was protecting her dream. She wasn’t. She was only reinforcing her lack of belief. She was only reinforcing her doubts.

I often see that people fear others can screw up their manifestations.

They think they need their partner / friends / family to believe in their dreams or else they can’t manifest it!

They think they need other people’s understanding, approval and belief in their dream.


You only need YOU to understand you, approve of you, believe in you and your dreams.

It’s nice when others do, too.

But you don’t NEED it.

Their lack of trust can’t kill your dream.

Only YOU can kill your dream.

Where can you see, acknowledge, and support yourself more?

Where can you approve of and believe in yourself more?

Where can you give yourself permission—instead of waiting for others’ permission?  

GO for your dreams, babe. Life is too precious and too short to keep waiting until you finally feel ready…

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