I always look ahead.

There’s always a new idea, a new creation wanting to come through. Celebrating my accomplishments, being grateful for what I already have and really taking in what I created, dared or achieved are things I have to remind myself of.


One of the ways I remind myself is by looking back at the past week and month.

That’s what I did this morning. And I wondered if I’d really let it sink in that I published my second book this month.


Wondering about that is answering the question, of course.

No, I did not take it in FULLY yet. I’m absorbed in my two upcoming books already—looking ahead and creating the next thing as I always do.


So I reminded myself to take a moment to acknowledge my book, myself, my accomplishment, and the sheer beauty of seeing your mind (well, a teeny tiny part of it) in print and holding it in your hands.


To take a moment to honor the beauty of creation, of bringing ideas to life, of making dreams real.


Maybe you need this reminder, too.


What have you accomplished, dared or created that you haven’t acknowledged enough yet?


How can you honor yourself and your creations more?


Today is the perfect day to celebrate yourself. To celebrate life. Every day is the perfect day for that, but maybe you, like me, forget that sometimes.


To celebrating and honoring all of you and all of life!




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