Seven weeks ago I started writing my third book. And I was so excited about it!


At the end of the week I no longer was. I thought the book was shit and it was a waste of time to finish it. But my intuition told me to finish it. And so I continued to write.


Three weeks later the first draft was done.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I read it: it was good! I rewrote some parts and went into a second round of edits yesterday.  And this time…I did NOT like it. I suddenly doubt EVERYTHING: Is it good enough? Is it interesting; is it valuable; is anyone waiting for it? I DON’T KNOW.


But my intuition is clear: publish it.

And so I will.

The front and back cover are already designed. The editor starts her first round of edits on Monday August 10th. And I?

I continue my work.


Because I KNOW that cycle of creation. It takes me from excitement to despair and back several times in EVERY creation process.

I’ve learned to BE with the doubts and not let them stop me. I listen to ONE thing and ONE thing only: the truth of my intuition, my deep inner knowing.


Feeling excited about an idea doesn’t mean I should pursue it and feeling doubtful doesn’t mean I’m on the wrong track.

Those are just the cycles of creation. The only voice that knows the truth is that of my intuition, whose wisdom runs like a river underneath all doubts and emotions.


If you’re excited about something one day and hate it the next, DON’T STOP.

Yes, your doubts MAY mean that you’re on the wrong track. But they can ALSO mean you’re on the right track, and you’re simply going through the cycle of creation.

Explore your doubts but don’t let them determine your actions or outcomes.

Follow your excitement but don’t get blinded by it.

Connect to your deeper inner knowing, your intuition, and follow THAT, always and only. And you’ll always be on the right track, doing the right thing.




P.S.: I’ll tell you more about the book and its content soon. Until then, you can enjoy my book Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.

It’s a powerful toolkit that helps you uncover your dream—and make it real!

You can order your copy here. 

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