Many people are on a continuous search for the magic pill, the golden key, the secret solution to their dreams, issues and desires.

You hope there’s SOMETHING out there that solves whatever you need solving and answers whatever question you have.

You keep looking for that strategy to explode your business growth, for that secret to bust through your money ceiling, for whatever you don’t know yet that will magically bring you EVERYTHING you dream of…

And yes, there IS a magic pill.

But it’s not what you think.

And you won’t find it where you’re currently searching.

The magic pill is YOU. And you can only find it by going WITHIN.

Which is not the place you usually start looking when you have a question or concern. The first thing you do is turn OUTWARDS: to seek advice, knowledge, inspiration, tools or strategies. To find people who can answer your questions or even tell you what to do.

Sure, knowledge is important and others can help you but NOTHING outside of you can EVER bring you what you seek.

Knowledge only benefits you when you make it your own and apply it.

Others can only help you when you let them, and you implement whatever insights or guidance they bring you.

Inspiration only serves you when you do something with it.

Whether it’s realizing your dreams or overcoming an obstacle:

It begins and ends with YOU.

And whatever you need to realize your dream or overcome your obstacle is within your reach right now. At least the very first step is!


You already hold the key to whatever you’re looking for. And this is how you access it:

#1 Do what you know.

Sounds simple. But it’s not always easy and you don’t always do it. Fears, doubts, procrastination, self-sabotage…they get in the way.

But if you’re looking for relief, a breakthrough, a solution? You have to do what you already know you need (or dream!) to do.

#2 Listen to your intuition.

It already guides you, inspires you, tells you what to do or where to go. Are you listening? Are you following? Are you doing what it’s been whispering in your ear for a while now?

#3 Address your fears & doubts

Don’t let them stop you. Don’t suppress, ignore, numb or dismiss them. And don’t distract yourself from them, either. Why? Because when you don’t address whatever bothers you, it will continue to fester inside of you. It continues to negatively impact your mood, your energy, your actions and your results.

Follow these 3 steps every day and no dream is too far reached, no issue is unsolvable, no magic is unavailable.

It’s not always easy BUT… avoiding your dreams, suppressing your fears, worrying about what you should do but aren’t doing is even harder!!!

The gold you seek awaits you already.

All you have to do to dig it up is TURN INWARDS, explore your dreams and go wherever your intuition and joy guide you—even when it scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

What brings you joy today?

What does your intuition tell you?

Feel. Listen. Act.

And watch your dreams come true sooner rather than later.

To living your dream,

and digging up the gold that’s already inside of you,



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