Last week Marianne Cherico interviewed me for her podcast, and the episode is available now!

Listen to it and find out:

  • How I leverage being an extreme introvert by setting up crystal clear boundaries;
  • How women are conditioned to play small and what to do instead;
  • Why many women aren’t comfortable with setting boundaries and how that impacts pricing, negotiating, marketing, etc.;
  • The big question I ask my clients to tap into their real dream, in spite of their fear;
  • What stops people from going after what they really want and how to move forward;
  • Tools for handling fear; 
  • Ways that we sabotage our dreams and what to do instead;
  • And my brand new book ‘Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want’.

And much more.

Yeah, we talked about a lot of good stuff 😉 

You can listen to the podcast on Marianne’s website here. 


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