“There are many ways to manifest what you want and there are lots of tools that can help.

Some people swear by the old school ways of achieving goals: set a deadline, strategize, make a plan, and hustle their ass off until they get what they want. Others take an intuitive approach and follow the actions their intuition brings them. They don’t strategize or plan—they basically wing it. And there are many variations in between.

There are tools you can use like visualization, journaling, or creating vision boards. Some say you must read through your goals at least once a day, others preach that you can’t manifest anything you don’t believe in. The question is: which ways or tools work best? And the answer is ALL of them.

How is that possible? How can EVERYTHING work?

Because in essence, manifestation happens when (a) what you do is aligned with what you believe, and (b) what you do is aligned with your personality and soul. For example, I believe that I don’t have to set goals or make business plans to grow my business. I believe that all I have to do is to be present in each moment and take the action each moment calls for—I know what that is by listening to my intuition, my soul, to what I just KNOW, deep down, to be true.

This belief is a complete match with my personality and soul.

I like to be present and grounded. I naturally gravitate inward and only take actions that feel right and true to me. I’m creative and have always been more prone to following my flow than any plans my rational mind came up with. From the outside, this may look like a chaotic, random approach, but for me, it’s simply moving along with the flow of life, myself, and whatever I’m doing or creating. This works like a charm for me, because what matches my personality is perfectly aligned with what I believe and how I act.

If you enjoy making plans and setting deadlines, that will work for you.

If your personality thrives on structure, your manifestation has to reflect that. And that will be perfect for you. The most important thing to remember is the essence of manifestation I mentioned before: When you feel good about what you do and how you do it, and there’s no resistance to your desire, your actions, or your results, what you want can show up. You’re open to receive it. There’s no resistance, so now, it can become your reality.”

3D Cover image Unmute Your Life

This is a small excerpt from my upcoming book Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want. It’s part of the introduction to part two of the book, the part that shows you the five steps to manifest your true dreams (and how manifesting anything works in general.)

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