Manifestation & achieving goals works exactly as YOU believe it works. If, for example, you believe you need to make videos to grow your business, you need to make videos to grow your business. If you do that, great! You do what you believe so you’re good.


If you believe you need to make videos to grow your business but you don’t make them, 2 things will happen:


#1: You’re not satisfied with what you do.

You’ll feel like you don’t do enough or you don’t do the right things. No wonder your business doesn’t grow, it’s because you don’t make videos!


#2: Your business won’t grow at all or (much) slower.

Why? Because the whole song-and-dance that goes hand in hand with thinking you should do something—like wondering why you’re not doing it / worrying about it / justifying not doing it / wondering what you need to finally do it / criticizing yourself for not doing it / etc.— closes you off.


It’s a form of resistance, and ANY kind of resistance limits your ability to receive.

It limits your ability to receive inspiration & see opportunities. It sends out an energy of not-enoughness, an energy of lack. And since you attract more of what you send out…it will be much harder to grow your business because your whole energy screams that it’s not possible for you to grow your business because you don’t do what you should do!


There are only 2 ways out:

One is to align your action with your belief: you start making videos. The other is to change your belief: shift the story that you need videos to grow your business.


If your business isn’t growing at all or slower than you want, it’s a good idea to check if your beliefs and actions are aligned with each other.


What do you believe you need to do to grow your business?

And are you doing that?


If not, it’s time to change your actions OR your beliefs.   


Where are your actions and beliefs not aligned?


And how will you change that?




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