Two weeks ago I started writing 2 new books and committed to writing on them every single day.


I made this vow because in writing my upcoming book I took several breaks—and I didn’t like it. Yes, there were good reasons for taking these breaks, BUT it’s not the easiest way to write a book. The easiest way is definitely the way I wrote my very first one: sit your ass down daily and write until it’s finished.


So now, 12 years after writing my 1st book, I’m back to  the habit of writing each day.


In the first week, I struggled. I procrastinated, dreaded writing, liked it some days and struggled next.


This 2nd week my experience was SO different. Working on my books every day is my new normal. I don’t question it, don’t procrastinate, I do it when it feels inspired, knowing that I WILL do it no matter what.


On Wednesday I briefly entertained the idea to skip a day and write double as much the next. But in the end it felt better to write than to skip it, so I worked on both books after a late dinner.


I don’t spend much time on it. 30 minutes on each book, or a bit longer if I’m in the middle of a chapter.


Getting the books that are inside me OUT & published feels inspired and matters to me.

This daily habit helps. Even inspired, meaningful projects need some discipline or routine sometimes.


I noticed that two years ago when I started working out 5 days a week. I’m STILL doing that and rarely struggle with it. I just DO it. It makes me feel good, healthy & strong, and I’m fitter than I’ve been in years.


And I notice it again with my new daily writing habit.

It feels good and  I’m happy doing it—EVEN when what I wrote sucks and I already KNOW it needs a massive rewrite later.


Getting my books out matters to me. And this habit helps.


What matters to you? And what (daily) habit could help you with that?


Think about & then act on it. It will make a massive positive difference for you!




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