How you see yourself is crucial.

How you view what you are capable of, what’s right or wrong for you, what’s possible for you, determines your results. Because your self-image influences everything:

  • How you feel
  • How you act
  • How you show up
  • Your level of confidence
  • Your level of courage
  • How you are / your overall energy and vibration
  • What you do or don’t do; what you’re open or closed to; what you are and aren’t available for; etc. etc. 

It influences EVERYTHING and determines your results.

You always live up to your self-image.

It creates a ceiling to what you think is possible for you. So if you’re not happy with your results, outcomes and situations, check your self-image. And adjust it.

Improving your self-image WILL improve your results—as long as you ACT, DO, ARE and SHOW UP as that improved version, too. Just writing a fresh story for yourself and then sinking back into your old self won’t make much difference.

Now, seeing yourself as the next Wimbledon-winner won’t make you the next Wimbledon-winner, of course. If you’ve never done more than lazily hit some balls on Sunday mornings, you can probably forget about winning from Serena Williams.

But your overall game WILL improve when you start being, acting, thinking and showing up like a tennis pro.

Where are you not getting the results you crave?

What in your life differs from how you want it to be? How do you see yourself in that specific area? 

If you see yourself as an average coach, you’ll be an average coach.

If you see yourself as someone who could never make over 10000 dollars per month, you won’t make over 10000 dollars per month.

If you see yourself as someone who’ll never have a meaningful, long-lasting relationship, you probably never will.

It’s not completely impossible to achieve something you don’t believe you’re capable of.

There are always exceptions and you can still get something you never dared dream of.

But when you act and show up as the one who doesn’t believe something is possible for her?

In 99% of all cases, you won’t get it. And if by chance you do, the journey towards it is a lot harder.

Where does your self-image need a boost?

Look at something in your life that you’re not happy with or you’d like to change. Explore what kind of image you have of yourself in that area. Let’s call that the old you. Write down how old you thinks, what she believes, how she shows up, what she does or doesn’t do, where and how she hides or makes herself smaller, etc.

Then, come up with an image of the new you. Write down how she thinks, shows up, etc. as well.

Notice the differences. And from now on show up as the new you every day. Act like her. Think like her, eat like her, move like her, BE her.

What would the new you do? What would she decide? How would she handle this situation? How would she feel about something? How would she show up?

Play with this daily and see what changes in ALL areas of your life… 

Have fun being the new you!



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