You always trust something, even when you think you don’t.

When you don’t trust that you are capable to reach your goals, this means you trust that you’re not.

When you don’t trust that you can make money doing what you love, this means you trust that you can’t.

When you don’t trust your intuition, this means you trust it will steer you wrong.

What do you trust about realizing your dreams?

Do you trust that you’re capable to manifest them? That you’re worthy to receive what you want? That it’s possible for you to reach higher and succeed? That it will be fun to shoot for the moon and land somewhere beautiful?


Do you trust that you’re incapable, unworthy, destined to play small? That what you want will always remain just outside your reach? That maaayyyyyybe you can create a different life for yourself, but it will be hard and take forever and will require many compromises and sacrifices along the way?

You always trust something. Put your trust in something that serves you.

You probably can’t shift your mind from believing that you’re incapable to believing that you’re gifted. That’s often too big a leap to take at once.

But maybe you can trust that you’re more capable than you think. That you can learn to open up to receive more.

Maybe you can trust that your journey could be easier and you might learn to relax – if only a little more.

Maybe you can trust that you’re capable to change, to grow, and be surprised at what’s possible for you.

Where can you shift what you trust?

How would that make you feel different?

What would you do differently then?

And what could that possibly open up for you?

Feel into that, baby.

Reflect on it.

It may seem that this is just a tiny shift.

And it is. But tiny is NOT the same as insignificant. On the contrary! The effects can be HUGE.

Shifting what you put your trust in changes EVERYTHING.

Shifting my trust from believing I was incapable and too scared to trusting I could grow and take steps despite being afraid helped me start my business; write my first book; finish my second book (even though it seemed to take forever and like it was NEVER getting published); work globally; and in general, helped me do about 95% of EVERYTHING I do in my business today.

The same is true for you.

You wouldn’t have achieved or changed ANYTHING in your life if you didn’t have at least a little trust in yourself and what you can do.

A little trust is all you need.

Choose to trust the things that serve you, support you, move you forward, and help you realize your dreams.

To dreaming,

And trusting that so much more is available to you,



P.S.: my second book, Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want, is published this July!

The manuscript is at the designer/formatter as we speak.

I get the files back in a couple of weeks and once it looks exactly as I want it (fingers crossed I will instantly love it and no changes are necessary ;-)) I can finally publish it!

It’s almost here and I’m sooooo happy and proud I never gave up somewhere along the 9 (nine!….yeah. Long journey, long story – I’ll share it on a free call soonish.) years it took me to get to this point.


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