⁣In any stage of realizing your dreams, you can experience things that seem to be setbacks: things going ‘wrong’ or not happening in flow.⁣

Often people mistake this for a sign that they’re on the wrong track or should stop moving forward.⁣

Which can be the case, but that’s not always what’s going on!⁣

Often it’s a sign that something old is on its way out. It’s leaving to make space for the new.⁣

How can you tell if it’s a sign to change course or old stuff moving out? ⁣

By exploring it with an open, curious mind. Get quiet, go inward and ask yourself questions. What’s going on? Is there something for you to do? Is this a sign to stop moving or is something else going on?⁣

The answers always come. Sometimes instantly, sometimes later. But clarity always comes.⁣

Right now, I’m in the middle of this myself.

Some things are not moving forward in flow. Or so it seems….it’s merely not happening as I’d prefer it to happen :-)⁣

So I explored what’s going on, and the answers are clear: nothing’s wrong. There’s nothing for me to do. Something old is moving out to make space for the new. All I have to do is relax, trust, and allow this to work itself out.⁣

I’ll journal on it some more, to see if there’s something else this particular experience brings me. Because that’s what I’ve learned to know & trust (even though I don’t always like it when I’m in the middle of it): everything always happens FOR me.

And everything always works out one way or another. And the less I’m in the way and try to control what goes on? The easier and smoother it works out – and the better I feel.⁣

Where can you trust and lean in more?

Where do you fear things are wrong when actually, everything is working out perfectly for you? ⁣

Be quiet. Turn inward. Set aside your ideas of what’s happening or what it means and just listen. Listen to your inner wisdom. It knows what goes on and will share that with you – if you’re open to hear it.⁣

Everything will work out for you one way or another!⁣




P.S.: In my upcoming book Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want, I write more about the different things that might be happening when you experience a setback. AND I take you through all kinds of other obstacles and snags you can experience when you’re manifesting your true dreams.

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