Perhaps you’ve experienced some disappointments in the past. Or you’re used to achieve a certain type of result or experience a certain amount of joy / love / pleasure / fulfillment.

And maybe you expect a certain amount of money – but never much more than that.


If so, it’s time to set your sights higher.

To expect more, assume more, dream more.

To stop settling. To stop censoring your dream(s) and what you think is possible for you.


The sky is not the limit.

Your mind is.


Lynette Simeone


It’s time to open up the windows of your mind and air out all those musky, dusty thoughts that keep you trapped exactly where you are.


It’s time to dream again, without restraints or compromising.


What would you truly want if you allowed yourself to dream as wild and free as possible?


Set your sights higher.


Let the universe surprise you.


Surprise yourself!


You have no idea what’s possible for you, baby.


NO idea!


To opening your mind,


as wide as you can,





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