When you let your mind do its own thing, it’s default state is to come up with worst-case scenarios:


What could go wrong?

And how could you fix that / prepare for it / prevent it?


Thinking about what could go wrong or what you could lose may seem to be wise strategy, but actually, it isn’t.


(Unless, of course, you actually use the information to prepare yourself for what might happen, and then move swiftly forward towards your dreams and goals.)



It makes you feel bad and stops you in your tracks.


The solution is simple (although not necessarily easy):


Stop thinking about worst-case scenarios and think about the BEST-CASE scenario instead.


What could go right?

What could the best possible outcome be?


Train your mind to expect good – the best! – things.

To think in terms of gains instead of losses. To focus on options instead of dead ends. To see possibilities and opportunities instead of limits and impossibilities.


Start now:


What’s the best-case scenario for this day?

What’s the best that can happen when you do that thing you dread?

What’s the best that can happen when you start following your dreams?


Have a wonderful day!


May it be the happiest day you can possibly imagine – and then some 🙂




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