I often see my clients struggle with perfectionism:

They have a great idea, but their need for everything to be perfect is paralyzing them.

The key to break through this is to first understand that paralyzing perfectionism has very little to do with wanting to deliver great work, and everything to do with an underlying fear:

The fear to be criticized. The fear that you’re not good enough. Or the belief that you need to earn love (or even the right to exist) by working hard and not making mistakes.

So if perfectionism is paralyzing you – or costing you tons of time and energy? Explore what you REALLY fear, and work on that.

The second key to move forward is to remind yourself that good enough is good enough. And done is better than perfect.

Decide which things require your full focus and attention now, and what you can easily do, improve or tweak later.

You don’t have to do everything at once.

And some things are more important than others.


Where is perfectionism holding you back?

What’s the real source of it?

And what would become possible for you if you let go of that insane need to be perfect, and decide that doing your best is ALWAYS good enough – even when you look at your creation later and realize you’d do it better or different then?


Good enough is good enough. And done is better than perfect.



P.S.: Perfectionism is just one of the obstacles that can keep you from doing the things you TRULY want to do.

You can read all about the most common blocks, fears and obstacles that can keep you stuck or settle for less than what you really want (AND how to move through it all, of course) in my upcoming book:

Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want

Expected: June.


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