“It’s not what you’re willing to do or don’t do that determines how much you can grow.⁣

It’s what you’re not willing to face in yourself that determines your growth. And with that, the growth of your business as well.”⁣

I wrote this in my journal last December and just found it again when I started to clean up papers and notes that are spread all around the house.⁣

And the truth of this struck me again. It’s what I’ve seen in myself over the years and in ALL of my clients:⁣

Your business growth is a direct result of your personal growth. ⁣

Of course, taking action, marketing, sales, all kinds of practical stuff are part of it. But they’re not the ESSENCE of it.⁣

The essence is YOU and what needs to shift in YOU in order to open and grow. ⁣
And often, this involves looking at things you’ve been tiptoeing around for a while now.⁣

For some, this means to address one or more deep rooted fears.⁣
For some, this means to stop chasing the shadow of their TRUE dream, and put what they REALLY want front and center in their business & life.⁣

Others have to let go of habits, beliefs and patterns that can’t bring them any further than where they are now. (Well, this is part of ALL growth ALWAYS.)⁣
And for some, it requires yet something different.⁣

But the essence of what’s required, is always the same:⁣

What you need to grow your business or make ANY kind of change in your life (and to create REAL and LASTING transformation, not surface level mini-shifts that crumble the moment a little shit hits the fan) is to⁣

DIVE DEEP INTO YOURSELF and address WHATEVER is there. ⁣

And this ALWAYS involves facing ALL of you, including your (secret) dreams and desires, fears you’d rather avoid and ALL of your power. (Which is something women fear most of all…)⁣
What do you need to face right now in order to grow, change, and realize your (big) dream? I know you already know it…⁣

DO IT. ⁣

It may feel uncomfortable for a while. But it will bring you SO MUCH that you will thank yourself forever.⁣

And if you can’t or won’t do this alone? I can help. Check out my 1-1 coaching here.

To lasting change & growth!




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