Here’s a quick tip to help you be present and not let worry, fear or stress get to you:

Focus on the next 5 minutes only.

And the next 5 minutes after that.

And the next 5 minutes after that.

If 5 minutes feels like too much, focus on the next minute.

If it feels like too little, focus on the next 15 minutes. Or the next hour.

The point of the exercise is to bring your attention to what feels manageable now.

Thinking about later today, tomorrow, or next month often triggers uncertainty or fears.

It’s just too big, too far away, and there are too many unknowns – especially now.

But the next 5 minutes? That you can handle.

How do you want to feel in the next 5 minutes?

How would you like to move through them?

Just feel whatever comes up.

And keep focusing on the next 5 minutes. And the next.

And notice the difference this makes in your life.

(Also play with this if you’re NOT worried or stressed, by the way!!

This is an excellent way to focus on and be present in the present, in the NOW.

Which, as I shared on the free call* I delivered this week, is the ONLY place you have full access to your power, wisdom, intuition & creativity.)

Happy NOW, baby! 🙂



* The cal I refer to is the free call Thrive Through Chaos & Change I delivered this week.

On it, I shared a ton of tools & tips to navigate these interesting times: from dealing with stress and fear to setting yourself up to THRIVE.

People loved the call and the value I shared- and you can still get the replay here. 


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