How are you doing with the whole Corona-lockdown-situation?  

Does it trigger fears or anxiety for you?

I have nothing to fear personally (I work from home; am super healthy; and I’m a born homebody so staying in is my natural preference), but I could still feel some mild restlessness flare up this weekend.

I know many people are scared though, and maybe you or someone near you is.

If so, the tips in this article will help:

The first thing to do is acknowledge that you’re scared. Don’t push it away. Don’t numb it. Don’t bypass it or try to talk yourself out of it.

Nope. Whatever you feel is whatever you feel. When you try to suppress it, it will continue to negatively impact your mood, energy, actions and behavior.

So: acknowledge it first.

Don’t judge or criticize your fear (or that of others!!!). It’s there. Period.

Don’t tell yourself (or others) to calm down, stop overreacting or get over it.

That’s NOT helpful!

Because when deep fears flare up, your survival instinct kicks in. Processes in your brain that normally allow you to make wise decisions shut down.

Your inner toddler takes over. The scared little kid inside you (we ALL have that inside us!!) is now running the show. So treat yourself and others in this position like you would an actual scared little kid:

You don’t yell at them or tell them to stop overreacting. No. You soothe them. You’re gentle, kind, understanding and loving. You’re just THERE for them.

That’s how to treat yourself or anyone who’s overcome by fear as well: with love. With kindness. With understanding. With COMPASSSION.

It can help to literally give yourself a hug: to hold yourself close or gently stroke your own head, hand or shoulder.

Also try breathing out fully: push out as much air as you can. After that, your body takes care of the inhale by itself.  Continue to breathe out as deep as you can until you feel that your breath has slowed and deepened. You’ll notice that now you also feel calmer.

(Trying to slow down your breath by breathing IN deeper first doesn’t always work: that will initially only make you feel your fear even more. So focus on the OUT-breath instead.)

Once you’ve calmed down a bit, just BE with your fear next.  

Don’t think about it, analyze or rationalize it, but just FEEL it:

Notice what you feel in your body, and observe that. Do you feel a cramp in your stomach or a tightness around your heart? Do your shoulders feel strained or are your jaws tense?

Just notice. Feel. Don’t label or judge it. Don’t try to make it go away. Just feel and observe.

BE with it. Breathe through it.

Fear, like everything else, is only energy. And when you don’t try to change or get rid of it, it can flow freely through you – and leave you.

There’s nothing you have to do to make fear go away. If you can BE with it, it will leave YOU.

Once you’ve completely calmed down, you can explore some more:

  • What was your fear all about?
  • What exactly got triggered?
  • What scared you the most?

Again: be curious and observe. No judgment, no criticizing, no blowing it up or adding more drama – AND don’t diminish it either.

It’s best if you write it all out. That’s a beautiful way to release your fears and clear your mind. And once your mind is clear, you’re free to respond like a wise, mature, powerful human again.

There are more ways you can deal with fear, but the main thing is to:

Allow yourself to feel what you feel.  And handle yourself with gentleness, love and a MASSIVE dose of compassion.

If fears or worry show up for you: love yourself through it.

If you see others freak out: have compassion. Even when you think they overreact. We ALL know what it feels like when fear overwhelms you, takes over, and makes you act or do things you normally wouldn’t do.

Take care of yourself and follow the guidelines that help us ALL get through this as safely and quickly as we can.

This too shall pass. And you’re strong and wise enough to get through it – and to make the most of the opportunities this Corona-thing ALSO offers.

More on that in another blog.

For now, I hope these tips help you stay calm and level-headed.

Hang in there.

You got this!



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