Yesterday, I wrote about how to handle the fears that might get triggered in you (or others) now.

 But this Corona-situation ALSO offers great opportunities – if you choose to make the best of this.

If you do, here are some ways to do that:

#1 Reinvent yourself.

How do you want to get through this?

Who do you choose to be?

What do you choose to focus on during these times?

Really think about it.  Because how and who you are in the world, is a CHOICE. You don’t have a choice about this virus or how others or your government respond. But you have FULL control over how YOU respond.

Who do you choose to be? How do you choose to act?

#2 Inner spring cleaning.

Whatever gets triggered in you now, was already there to begin with. This situation does not create new emotions or fears. All it does is bring out pains and fears that were already inside you.

And you can choose how you deal with it: do you suppress it, numb it, run away from it? (And allow your fears to run your life instead of you…)  Or do you choose to address them, face them, heal them, release them?

Every emotion or fear wants to be acknowledged and seen. It shows you where you can liberate and heal yourself even more.

(If you don’t know how: The tips I gave you in yesterday’s article on handling fear apply to EVERY doubt or emotion that gets triggered in you.)

#3 Mind your mind.

Consciously choose what you pay attention to. What you feed your mind has a HUGE impact on how you feel, think and act. Which determines your results.

So what do you feed your mind? Something nourishing and inspirational? Fear-mongering crap? Do you watch and read the news and if so: how often?

Be mindful of what you feed your mind. Pay attention to your thoughts: do you let them drift off into negativity and fear? Or do you train your mind like you would a little puppy? If left unattended, it jumps all over the place. But with a little training, you can teach it to first walk on a leash, and later to walk next to you without running off.

#4 Connect back to soul & what you REALLY want.

As long as you’re sitting inside, you might as well turn inwards, too:

What do you already love about your business and life?

What would you like to change?

Where are you settling?

And what would it look like when you no longer do?

Paint the picture of your true desires. And see what actions you can take to realize that, step by step.

#5 Surrender.

A lot of things that felt certain and normal a short time ago have drastically changed. Events are cancelled, a lot of businesses are closed….it’s definitely NOT business or life as usual now.

This shows you how what you THINK is certain, actually rarely is: you really have no control over situations or other people. (But you DO have full control over how you respond to it.)

This is a beautiful opportunity to practice surrendering what you have NO control over. Surrender to something that’s bigger than you: life, god, tao, the universe, your soul or higher self – whatever feels right for you.

And then….let it go. Even if you have to remind yourself of that a thousand times a day 🙂 Keep bringing yourself back to what you CAN control  and what you are 100% responsible for (yourself, your own responses, behavior etc.). And leave all other responsibilities where they belong (others / life).

#6 Be in the moment.

Practice being in the moment. That’s where you’re completely open to your intuition. That’s where you have full access to your wisdom, power, and creativity.

Whenever you don’t feel good, your mind has drifted off to the past or the future. But it’s NOT present now.

Practice being present in your body, in this moment. Because in this moment? You are always OK. And you can connect to your inner calm that’s always inside you, underneath all turmoil, 24/7.

#7 Upgrade your self-care.

The better you take care of yourself, the better your health and well-being. Now is the perfect time to make those upgrades you were thinking about all along 🙂

How can you take better care of your body, spirit, and mind? What’s been calling you for a while now? Whether it’s to start exercising or eating healthier, adding meditation to your daily routines, or to quit smoking or drinking: when you get quiet and turn inwards, you KNOW what you need more (or less) of.

How will YOU make the most of this situation and use it as an opportunity to THRIVE?



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