I’m currently knee-deep in finalizing my book.

Last week I told my editor I’d send her the manuscript this Friday, March 13th.

Which sounds doable today, but I’m not sure I’ll still feel that way tomorrow 🙂

Because this tweaking, rewriting and cutting things out is the most boring part of writing a book.

Well, for me it is anyway.

You might genuinely enjoy the finishing phase of creation.

I can’t imagine it, but hey, we’re all different and have our own styles, preferences and ways of doing things.

Which is something to A) celebrate and B) keep in mind ALWAYS – especially in your business.

You have your OWN unique path to whatever level is next for you.

And what your next level looks like, is completely unique as well.

But that’s something you can easily forget.

Because unless you’ve already built several successful businesses, every level in your business is new for you.

And because it’s all new, the first thing you do when you want to grow your business is this:

Look outside you for answers.

It’s definitely what I did. Because I knew nothing about marketing, sales or being an entrepreneur in general.

And I’m glad I learned a lot about all of that. I still use part of it.

But I also had to unlearn some, if not most, of it.

Because my mind got poisoned with rules and beliefs about how things work.

And I found that following the cookie-cutter paths that apparently still work for millions (?) of others just DON’T WORK FOR ME.

Chances are the same is true for you.

You do things that work well for others, but for you? It’s not doing much.

And you start to wonder what’s wrong.

What you are doing wrong.

Or even what’s wrong with you.

I definitely wondered what was wrong with me in the past – quite regularly!

Which made me feel miserable. Sad. Disappointed.

And it was a complete waste of time, because there was never anything wrong with me – I was only asking the wrong question.

The question was never ‘what’s wrong with me?’

And it was never ‘what the hell am I doing wrong?’

It was this:

I wonder how it all works for ME?

I wonder what MY path looks like?

That’s the right question for you too.

If what you’re currently doing in your business is A) not working, and/or B) not bringing you joy, it’s time to stop.

To STOP looking outside of you for answers.

To STOP trying out new strategies or randomly sign up for programs about marketing tool X that supposedly works wonders for everyone.

And above all, to STOP doubting yourself.

And to turn inward instead:

What is it you even most truly WANT now?

Is the dream you have for your business something you REALLY want?

Or is it what you think you should want because it’s the logical next step?

Or a watered down version of something you don’t believe you can get?

Feel into that first.

Because when you chase the wrong dream, NO path will bring you joy (IF it will even take you there at all.)

And that route to your next level that I promised you in the subject line?

Is inside you already as well.

The route to your next level is always this:

To do the thing that’s in front of you NOW.

Whether it makes sense to you or not.

Sometimes your next step is directly related to your business.

But that not’s always the case.

Sometimes the only way to grow your business is to divorce your partner first.

Or, less drastic, to file your 2018 tax report.

Or clean out your attic.

It’s always the thing that deep down, you know is right for you now.


Whether it scares you or not.

Whether it makes logical sense or not.

Whether it seems too good to be true or not.


Your path unfolds by walking it, step by step.

That’s how you manifest everything.

That’s how you grow your business.

That’s how you arrive at your next level.

It may look similar to other people’s paths or completely different.

But it’s YOUR path.

The path of least resistance (even when, ironically, it triggers more resistance at first.)

The path that brings you where you want to be (instead of where you don’t feel at home.)

The path that WORKS for you.

Whatever is in front of you: do it.

For me, what’s in front of me now is getting my book ready for the editor.

I don’t really like it.

I tend to procrastinate.

I do my best to find joy in this work and sometimes that helps.

Sometimes I just sigh and moan and get on with it anyway.

Because it’s what in front of me now.

Because it’s the route to my next level.

Because it’s part of the TRUE dream I have for my business and myself.

What’s in front of you now?

And will you do it, too?



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