Years ago I started to practice learning to stress less and find calm in each moment.

At some point, a situation occurred that would normally push all my worry buttons.

But this time….nothing. It was strange.


You’d think I’d celebrate this milestone, but I emailed my coach instead:

“I worry that I’m not worried,” I wrote. “Is something wrong?!” “No, that’s normal, “ she wrote back. “I experienced the same thing.”

By now, I’ve coached many of my clients to learn to find calm in themselves in each moment. And at some point, the same thing comes up for them: they worry that they’re not worried in a situation they’d normally freak out over.

If you recognize this, too?


Don’t worry that you’re not worried.

Worrying is learned behavior that you A) can unlearn again and B) do NOT need.

Worrying doesn’t bring solutions and doesn’t spark creative ideas. And no, NOT worrying about someone does NOT mean you don’t care about them. Worry and love are NOT the same thing. (Worrying about someone simply means you don’t trust them to be able to live their life, walk their own path and solve their own issues. You also don’t trust or temporarily forgot they have their own soul to guide them, just as you have yours.)


NOT worrying means to clearly see what’s REALLY going on in this moment or a particular situation.

It means to be able to BE with that, so you remain open to see solutions and receive creative ideas. Not worrying means to see things as they are instead of what you make them mean.

Not worrying is your normal state of being when you’re present in this moment, in life.

Not worrying is the most rational thing to do as well, because worry has NEVER led to anything constructive ever.


Not worrying is NOT the same as being irresponsible or reckless.

And it does NOT mean you stick your head in the sand.

Not worrying is the most creative, open, aware, healthy and conscious way to live.

So don’t worry when you don’t worry.

And don’t worry when you DO worry 🙂

You can drop into this present moment and feel that in this moment, all is well, in each moment.

Don’t worry.




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