Several times this week some thoughts came up that caused a sudden flare of stress & fear to rise up inside me.

Highly uncomfortable. And my first reaction was the knee-jerk response we all have to things we don’t want to feel:⁣

To do something, anything, to distract myself from it, solve it, numb it, get away from it – anything to make that feeling go away, now!

Which, as we all know, does NOT work. At all.

The feeling either stays and keeps tugging at the edge of your awareness, or comes back to visit you another time.


The moment I noticed I wanted that feeling to get away from me and trying to figure out what would help me get rid of it, I stopped.

Breathed. And changed tactics.

I invited allllll the stressful, fearful feelings in. Be welcome, stress, I said to it. Come in and make yourself at home. You’re welcome here.

I instantly felt a softening. A quieting. And within seconds it was gone.


What was left was a very mild feeling of doom in the very far distance.

And when I simply let that be and kept breathing, kept thinking everything was OK and I was fine with this feeling either staying or going, it left.

This all happened in a matter of seconds. I think. Less than a minute for sure.


Now, I KNOW that this is how it works.

And I’ve practiced just BEing with your feeling many times before.

But somehow, this felt new. I wasn’t just BEing with whatever I felt, I actively invited it in.

And that worked wonders. It felt calm and just … right.


Try it, the next time you feel stress or fear or even mildly uncomfortable.

And notice what happens. Simply observe.

Don’t expect or need ANYTHING to happen, because it’s that attachment to results that keeps whatever you’re feeling firmly in place. Because you’re not really inviting it in then – you still want your feeling to go and be rid of it. Which, as stated before, doesn’t work.

Play with it.

Who knows, it might work wonders for you, too!




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