Recently Marianne Hermsen interviewed me for her Leap of Faith podcast.

We talked about a lot of good stuff, including:

🌀 how you can practice to trust your intuition (a free mini training), a must if you believe you are not gifted with strong intuitive skills;

🌀 why being bored can contribute to your spiritual awakening;

🌀 why we all have time to connect inwards, and it is easier than you think;

🌀 what I mean by Divine Selfishness (and it’s not what you think).

And so much more.

I bet there’s at LEAST one golden nugget in here for you.

But probably more

So take a moment to check it out.

It will inspire you to listen to your intuition, honor your desires & dreams, and go for what you truly want.

You can listen to it on Itunes here.




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