A while ago I read a story about a spiritual guru who received the idea to build a ginormous spiritual center.

One of his staff asked him: “But…where will the money come from?”

The master answered: “From wherever it is now, of course.”

Such a great story.

And one to remember if you ever find yourself wondering where the money to do this or buy that should come from. 

Which you DO sometimes – or maybe often – wonder.

Fears around money are, in fact one of the BIG BLOCKS that stand in the way of doing what you TRULY love and living the life you REALLY want to live.

There definitely are more blocks, as I write in my upcoming book Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want. But money is a HUGE one.

So here’s another way for you to look at money and where it comes from:

You, like EVERYONE else, are on the universe’s payroll.


It’s not your job, your business, your product or your service that are the source of money. They’re a channel for it. A way for money to come to you.

There are limitless channels or ways money can come to you.

But there’s only one source: Source / the universe / goddess / the Field / All-That-Is / God — call it what you want, it’s all the same.

THAT’S the source of your money (and EVERYTHING else.)

THAT’S where the money you (think you) need comes from.

And all you have to do to receive that money?

Is do what your soul guides you to do. What you feel, in your BONES, is what you love to do, what calls you, what wants to be done through you now.

And the universe will sort out how the money you (think you) need will come to you.

The universe is where all money comes from. 

And you are on its payroll. 

You can trust that. 

But only always.

What would you do if you TRULY trusted and believed that?



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