When you start to follow your soul (instead of your fear-based mind & automated behaviors), you enter a detox period: 

A time when all beliefs, habits and thoughts that are no longer aligned with following soul show up, so you can release them.

One of the thoughts that ALWAYS show up (because it’s the result of mass conditioning we’ve all been exposed to) is this:

The thought that you really should DO more.

Because you can only get and achieve more when you DO more, right?


That’s what we’ve been taught, but it’s not true.

All you have to do is exactly and ONLY what your soul/intuition tells you to do.

And for the overwhelming majority of us?

That means to do LESS.

To take more time for reflection, inner quiet & relaxation. 

To savor life more. Be present more. 

To stop running, pushing, forcing, or willing things to happen.

Your rhythm changes (from your conditioned rhythm to your natural pace). 

Your actions change. (Everything that’s based on pushing or fear goes away.)

Your whole way of being and living changes.

And your soul?

NEVER pushes you, NEVER tells you that you really SHOULD do something.

Every time you feel you SHOULD do something, this comes from old conditioning. It comes from fear of missing out (“if I don’t do this I can’t get that!”).

It comes from feeling uncomfortable with your new way of being, living & doing.

Because it’s SO different from EVERYTHING you’ve learned and how you’ve been doing things since…forever.

So the first thing to do when you feel you really SHOULD do something?

Is take a step back.


Ground. Get back into your body, drop into your heart, and be FULLY present in this moment.

Simply notice what you feel and think without diving into it.

Without wanting to change it and without wanting it to go.

Just breathe.

Just be.

And then, when you’re quieter and more at peace, ask yourself: 

If I follow my soul, my intuition, in each moment, and trusted that that was TRULY all I had to ever do, and everything always works out when I do that: what would I do now?

And do that.

That’s truly ALL you ever have to do.

To inner freedom,

and always being true to YOU in everything you do,



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