One of my clients asked me a question on a Q&A call this week that had to do with not knowing exactly who her ideal client is.

There was more to it than that, and in my answer I addressed the different layers underneath her question, but there’s one thing I mentioned that you may need to hear now as well:

What you don’t know (yet) is something you don’t need to know (yet).


The same is true for me.

I recently wrote how I feel like I’m flatlining, not feeling my deep inner fire & drive for almost 2 years now.

Since I wrote about that, I experienced that my inner fire is absofuckinglutely still there – it just doesn’t know where to go yet, where I can channel that energy into.

I have some vague notions and a sense of SOME ways it could be expressed/channeled into – but it’s not a deep KNOWING yet.

It’s the foreshadow of what’s to come.

But it hasn’t arrived yet. Whatever the fuck IT is exactly.

And part of me wants to KNOW. Preferably NOW.

So I can take this energy that’s definitely there, and building, and often waking me up at night (as in: every night, sometimes for 5 minutes and sometimes for hours), and channel it into something concrete that I can DO, can create or make or write.

But apparently, it’s not the time for that YET.

Because I don’t KNOW where it wants to go YET.

And all I can do is be open to let the energy do its thing.

To surrender to it. And to follow its lead wherever it takes me.

I don’t HAVE to know.

That’s not my job.

My SOUL knows – and all I have to do is follow her guidance and allow everything to unfold for me beautifully.

Which is what I do.

I follow the energy in each moment which over the last couple of days, mainly told me to rest. And so I rested.

I surrendered the whole process to my soul.

And enjoy each moment as best I can.

(And yes, impatience sure kicks in sometimes! And my mind has a thing or 2 to say about not DOING enough every now & then, too.)


But here’s what I KNOW & TRUST:

All I need to know, is what I now know. Whatever I don’t know now, I don’t need to know now.

It’s truly that simple.

And the same is true for YOU.






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