Last week I was mindlessly scrolling around Facebook and Instagram, reading random updates and posts.


And I noticed how  much outdated BULLSHIT is still dumped on everyone every single minute.


And yes, I know, different people have different truths and it’s not my place to judge others and I can totally ignore or block all content/people I don’t resonate with and it’s up to me to clean up my timelines so I no longer see what I don’t want to see blabla etc etc.




And I don’t care what others choose to believe or what reality they choose to create for themselves.


That’s all fine, and again: everyone has a different truth and that’s perfectly OK.


BUT as a result of seeing so much crap that, as far as I’m concerned, is totally false/outdated/old world, something really good happened:


I could feel my inner fire RISE UP, baby.**


I could SO FEEL that I’m one of many people who are here to break down the status quo by bringing in new energies, new ways of living, being, doing and believing.


I could feel my IMPATIENCE at the status quo still being here, mass consciousness still being so …… what it’s always been, with so much fear mongering going on in every area of business and life, and change not going fast enough.


I could feel ANNOYANCE about people who mindlessly repeat what others are saying or doing without A) actually LIVING the message they bring or B) checking in with themselves to make sure they actually believe whatever they copy and repeat.


And I could feel a DEEP FRUSTRATION over the fact that my voice – and that of MANY others who are here to bring change!!! – is still drowned out by old world crap.


Welcome back, inner fire! 🙂


I’m still not sure where it wants to go or what to channel that energy into exactly, but for now, it wanted to be channeled into this post.


And I’m not even sure what the point is I’m making exactly.


Perhaps this:


If you, like me, are here to bring change and you can get annoyed or impatience sometimes about the slow changes you see (or the resistance that shows up as a result of the changes that are already here):



Hang in there.


You’re a pioneer on the forefront of change.


Part of being a pioneer is that for a while – which can feel like looooonnnng time – you are one of the few who thinks, lives, acts, and IS in a certain way.


Some people around you are and think like you, and the rest of the people (including friends and family) don’t.


Change IS already happening.


More people are waking up each day.


You just keep doing and being YOU, in everything you do, without thinking about what others may or may not think about that.


And without worrying about how to reach more people with your message.


All you have to do is what wants to be done through you each moment.


And the universe will handle the rest. (Whatever that means or how exactly it works: it works.)


You signed up for this.


You totally got this.


Use your annoyance / impatience / frustration as fuel to continue to be true to you and the things you do. Or to create something, anything, you can channel that energy into.


And last but not least:


Enjoy the ride, fellow change bringer! 🙂






** My inner drive/fire felt like it was totally gone for about 2 years now. I wrote this blog about it here.

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