Yesterday I wrote part 1 on this topic, on not feeling my passion and inner drive anymore..


And here’s what I now know about the feeling that my passion, my inner drive, is gone since about 2 years:

It needed to go completely.

It was part of the Big Release, as I call it, that I’ve been on for many years, but that intensified over the past year.


What needed to go was not so much the passion itself, but the source it came from.

Part of that passion was absolutely directly from soul.

But it was entangled with other things that have no place in my life anymore.

It was entangled with force. Pressure. Pure willpower to Get Shit Done. And trying to control how shit got done, and when.


It was entangled with attachment, with needing it to happen a certain way so I could feel good about myself and my place in the world.

Those mental concepts needed to be completely removed from the pure energy of my soul’s desires.

And the best – the only – way to remove that mental force was to release my drive, my passion, and any and all thoughts, feelings and beliefs I had about my mission, vision, soul purpose, and dreams.



Because I decided to live a life led by my SOUL many years ago (in 1998 to be precise).

And when you decide to live from soul, you commit to it, and you act accordingly?


You start to not only follow, but consciously live from your intuition.

You start to live from the perspective of your soul (as opposed to your limited human perspective) more and more.

You start to embody both your soul AND your humanity deeply.

And everything that’s not aligned with living from soul, has to go to make space for living from flow instead of force.


To make the shift from making things happen to allowing things to happen.

From pushing to letting go. From resisting to letting in.

That’s why the passion and drive as I knew it needed to go completely.

To make space for whatever (new) soul energy wants to come through and be expressed and experienced by me.

It may look similar to what I dreamed of before.

And it might be something different.

It’s all good.

Whatever it is will be just perfect for me.

And more fulfilling and joy-bringing than anything my limited mind can imagine.







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