I’m in this strange mood where on the one hand, I have lots of ideas I can implement and things I’d like to do.⁣
⁣And on the other hand, I can’t be arsed with any of it.⁣

⁣I used to feel this deep drive, a deep passion for my message and my work.⁣
⁣But since, I don’t know, a year and a half? Two years? It feels like that drive is on the back burner. Like I’m flatlining.⁣
⁣Yes, overall I am super happy – in fact, I think the past 2 years have been the happiest years ever. I’m living my life exactly as I pictured it since I was a kid, and I’m damn proud I created that by GOING for it and never settling for less.⁣
⁣And yes, I’ve definitely had moments where I felt super enthusiastic and driven about what I do and why I do it.

About ALL the content I created.

And I’ve LOVED every interaction with my clients.⁣

⁣But those were moments of enthusiasm, not my overall feeling.⁣
⁣It used to be (from 2003, when I started my business, until 2 years ago) my default feeling to have a massive drive for my message and work – with moments where I felt flat or disappointed for sure.

And I’ve definitely struggled during those years – a LOT, even, in the first couple of years.⁣
⁣But still….that drive, that inner fire, was always there. Never far away. And I could always feel it again quickly – and even often felt it underneath the struggle or the stress.⁣

⁣I do have some ideas about WHY I don’t feel my WHY so deeply anymore.

I tuned into it and asked my guides about it and got some pretty solid answers.⁣
⁣And it’s OK. I’ll feel that same (or different…) drive again – who knows, maybe even today. Or not. It’s all good.⁣

But I miss it sometimes.

I’d like to feel that enthusiasm as my default feeling again. ⁣
⁣So I open up to it.


I invite my inner drive that’s still part of me somewhere to show its fucking face again.

Or, well, to grace me with its presence. (A tad impatience showing there, haha!)⁣

And I am open to see where it will take me….






P.S.: I wrote a follow up post where I address the reasons why drive feels gone here.


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