Whatever your dreams for this year are, I wish they all come true for you with ease and joy!

I have a couple of desires that I look forward to realize this year – and I trust they will unfold for me beautifully. 

I never set goals nor make plans, so I didn’t do any of that.

But I DID set an overall intention.

And I want to share it with you, because no matter what you dream of, this intention will support you in manifesting it in 2020.

This is my intention:

To let this year be the best year I’ve ever had, in every area of my life.

And yes, this phrasing is deliberate:

I let this year be the best it can be.

I allow this year to unfold in my highest good.

I allow my highest potential to come fully alive.

And I follow the inspiration that will bring this to me with ease, grace and joy.

No ‘making shit happen’.

No going after what I want with super focus fueled by force and willpower.

No plans.

I let my soul’s plan unfold for me instead.

I know her dreams for me are better and more beautiful than anything my limited mind can think of.

May 2020 be the best and most beautiful year you’ve ever experienced.

Be true to whatever you want and whatever feels right.

And allow your destiny and dreams to unfold for you.

Happy 2020!



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