Here’s what I always see in my clients (and women in general):


Questioning your wisdom. Questioning your truth.


Questioning the things you just KNOW.


Probably most of the time I spend coaching my clients, is spend on bringing them back to the truth of what they already KNOW (and on being true to who they already ARE.)


They already know what’s best.  They already know what they want.


They already know what’s right.


But they question it.


Because they don’t know if what they know to be true and right for them is even possible / if they’re worthy of it / if it’s realistic / if they’re capable of it / etc. etc.


At its core, they question it because women question and criticize themselves relentlessly.


And no, this doesn’t happen because there’s something wrong with women.

This happens because women have been marginalized, silenced  & suppressed for thousands of years, and being true to your wisdom and yourself? Could get you stoned, ostracized or burned at the stake.


(And in today’s world? Women are still not equally valued, acknowledged or appreciated.)


So no. There’s nothing wrong with you when you doubt yourself.


It’s the result of the fucked up way the world has put men and so called masculine ways of doing things above women and so called feminine qualities & wisdom.


(And, by the way, EVERYONE has masculine and feminine energies and qualities and we NEED BOTH energies and qualities. Just like the world needs both. And it’s high time that balance is finally restored! Thank god we’re getting there – albeit way too slow for my taste.)


So know that there’s nothing wrong with you and never has been.


Your inner critic and the voices that make you doubt yourself are conditioned and learned a result of how the world has been for thousands of years – and still is in many ways.


So what you just KNOW to be true and right for you?


Is EXACTLY what’s true and right for you!


You can trust what you already KNOW.

And it’s OK to show up in your full power and brilliance.


To you & all women everywhere:


We were always perfect. We always mattered.


And we always knew what’s right.





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