The first thing most people do when they want to manifest or achieve more, is look outside:

To search for the Secret Information or Magic Pill that makes everything easier.

For new knowledge or tools that will change everything.

And yes, there can be knowledge and tools that are game changers for you.

But knowing this is WAY more important:

What your most effective manifesting style(s) is.

When you know what already works for you, you can build on that.

You can consciously do more of it.

And you can dismiss everything else.

My most effective manifesting styles are for example, in this exact order:

  1. To make what I want a non-negotiable.
  2. To set it & forget it.
  3. To send out a specific request to the universe to bring me something (or someone).
  4. Regularly focus on what I want and consciously align for it.

Different types of desires require different types of manifesting styles.

Set and forget it for example ONLY works for me when used for desires I have absolutely zero attachment to. (Like manifesting the perfect parking spot.)

And sending a specific request always works like a charm when I’m looking for a new program or coach.

Because I know my most effective manifesting styles AND which style works best for which type of desire, my overall manifesting is so much easier.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

I know which tools to use when.

And I know which tools I can completely disregard because they simply don’t work for me.

Do you know what your most effective manifesting styles are? And are you consciously making the most of them?

If not, take some time to get clear.

It’s not hard to uncover.

It only takes a bit of effort – that you will MASSIVELY benefit from.

Here’s how you do it: 

First, set the intention to get crystal clear on your ideal and most effective manifesting style(s).

Decide that you know. Because you already DO know. You’re just not consciously aware of it yet.

Next, make a list of significant things you manifested over the years.

Include all kinds of successes: business ones and personal wins.

Things you feel you worked hard for and things you pulled out of your ass like magic.

Once you have your list, dissect every item on it:

  • What did you do to manifest this?
  • What steps did you take?
  • What did you NOT do?
  • What did you believe?
  • What decisions did you make?
  • What did you let go of?
  • What were you open to?
  • What was your overall mindset like?
  • What was your overall energy like?
  • Anything else can you feel contributed to creating this?

When you’ve gone over each item on your list, you can start to see patterns.

  • What patterns do you see in how you manifested things?
  • What are similar types of manifestations?
  • What exactly do they have in common?
  • Where are they different?
  • And how does this relate to the type of desire/dream/goal you manifested?
  • What’s easy for you to manifest? Why?
  • And how can you apply that to things that seem harder to manifest?

Based on these patterns, you can make your own top 4 or 3 or 5 or however manifesting styles you have.

(And maybe you only have one that always works for you!)

Voila, there it is: your personal key to success.

Now you know what it looks like, you can consciously use more of it.

This will make manifesting easier and a lot more fun for you.

Happy manifesting!

And remember,

Always be true to YOU

In everything you do.



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