One of the participants in my upcoming workshop just wrote in the Facebook group how for a long time she thought there was something wrong with her because she never managed to make a plan and stick to it.
I’ve heard so many stories like that over the years.
(And I’ve certainly thought that there was something wrong with ME for years, too!)
It’s in fact what all of my clients have in common:

The cookie cutter ways to do business, making business plans, marketing plans, and often even setting goals, just don’t work for them.

Their work isn’t cookie cutter. Their personalities aren’t cookie cutter. Their ideas about life, their work, and business aren’t cookie cutter.
But cookie cutter ideas on what it takes to build and grow a business are still the norm and how most people do it.


Sure, more and more business coaches tell you to do things your own way!

And on your terms!

But when push comes to shove, they STILL tell you to follow the same principles and the same basic rules.

Because that’s just how things work.
And you can totally follow these basic steps in your own way!

You can create a business plan around your own goals and desires, based on how much sales you want to make and how many weeks you want to go on vacation.

Which may very well be enough ‘in your own way’ for some people.
But not for everyone!!!
Some people thrive with a plan.
While others?

Can only thrive WITHOUT a business or marketing plan.

If that’s you?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
You’re simply who you are, and plans don’t work for you.
What does work for you?
Is letting your soul guide you.
Stop worrying if there’s something wrong with you.
There isn’t.
Stop making plans if they don’t work for you.
They never will.
And start doing business completely from intuition and soul.
That WILL work for you!
And if you want to learn all about that?
Join before Saturday, December 24, to get an extra bonus on creating, marketing and launching programs completely from intuition and soul (and WITHOUT a marketing plan!)

‘See’ you there?







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