Whatever you want to change or accomplish in your business, and however much you want it to grow:

You already have what you need for it.

You may think you need a good business plan.

But you don’t, as I share in episode #6 of my podcast: You don’t need a business plan to start or grow a business.

Listen to it to find out why not, and how you go about your business if you don’t follow a strict (or loose) plan or schedule.

You may think the secret is in setting great goals.

But you don’t need that either, as I share in episode #7 my my podcast: You don’t need to set goals to start or grow your business either.

Listen to it to find out how goals can work against you instead of for you.

And the super positive side effect that happens the moment you stop setting goals.

You may think you need a lot of focus.  

Nah. You don’t even need that. How you naturally work? Is what works best for you.

As I wrote about in this article: Focus is overrated.

What you need are only two things – and you already have that:

  1. Be true to you in everything you do, and
  2. Follow your intuition in everything always.

That’s it.

That’s TRULY it.

Maybe for you, this means you DO follow a specific strategy, create a snazzy business plan, and set super SMART goals.

Maybe it will be something super fluid, organic, seemingly chaotic as it is for me.

Or something else completely.

But whatever it is?

Is what your SOUL already knows.

Is what your INTUITION is already telling you.

Is what you ALREADY lead to each moment of every day.

You really DON’T have to know HOW to get where you want to be in your business – in fact, the more you let go of the HOW, the better your results will be.

And the path to those results will feel SO MUCH BETTER, TOO!

Because this is YOUR path, the perfect path that is the perfect match for YOU – and no one else.

But…HOW do you let go of the HOW?!

Paradoxically, there IS an answer to that question.

There ARE steps to let go of the HOW and completely follow YOUR soul and be true to YOU in everything you do in your business.

And that’s exactly what I show and teach you in my brand new online workshop:

This is for you when you’re done forcing yourself to do business in ways that feel off for you.

When making plans, and sticking to them, and calculating how many sales you need to make to meet your income goal, is NOT what makes you scream of joy.

And when you’re ready to learn EXACTLTY how YOU can grow your business in a way that feels natural, in flow, and completely true for YOU.

You can read all about and sign up for it here.

And if you sign up BEFORE next Saturday, December 14th?

You get an extra BONUS:

A behind-the-scenes call in January where I share with you exactly HOW I created, marketed and launched this online workshop completely from intuition & soul.  

Every little detail of it: the questions I asked; the actions I took; the mindset, energy, beingness and process behind it all.  

People always want to know what launching and markting looks like when you plan nothing and let your soul guide you. This call shows you exactly what that looks like – and how YOU can apply this to your business, too!

A crazy lot of value for a crazy low investment.

You don’t want to miss this online workshop if you’re DONE feeling guilty about not doing business the proper grown-up-this-is-how-it-should-be-done-way and you’re ready to do it YOUR way.

You can all about & sign up for it here.

‘See’ you there?



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