What if something already exists, and wants to be created, through you, and knocks energetically on your door to make itself known?

And this knock shows up for you as a desire that seemingly out of nowhere shows up in you?

I know this is how it often works.

At least, it does for me.


I am for example certain that it was not my desire that created my new workshop, but the workshop itself creating my desire.

Maybe it always works like that.

Maybe everything already exists, and your desires are responses to already formed creations & ideas that are perfectly aligned with you.

Maybe you find each other on an energetic version of Craigslist. (“Idea for workshop seeks person to manifest through. Requirements: an open mind / a good sense of humor / capacity to think outside the box / willingness to break rules and molds / walk your own path / sassy / maverick / rebel.”)


I don’t know exactly how it works. And I don’t have to know either.

I just like playing around with thoughts like these, turning things upside down, looking at them sideways, wondering if what seems like a logical sequence of events could actually be the other way around. Or completely different all together.


All I know is that when I follow my inner nudges, wisdom and desires, everything always falls into place for me perfectly.

However it works: it works.

And that workshop?

Is here now :

Prepare for an amazing 2020 – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals, or ‘doing the numbers’!

You can read all about & sign up for it here.




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