For a long time, I thought I had to learn to focus more.

Be less hoppety-hop from one thing to another.

(And to clear my desk more and have less chaotic notes and stuff around me as well.) I saw other people start a task and work straight through until it was finished.

I saw business coaches teaching people to batch certain tasks, like doing all your admin each Friday morning. And spend each Friday afternoon doing all your (copy) writing tasks.

I saw writers sit down at regular hours to write, or write for a specific amount each day.


And when I looked at how I worked?

I saw someone who wrote in her journal one minute; had an idea for a blog and write and post it immediately ; taking a nap the next minute; stare out the window next; answer emails for 3 minutes before she suddenly decided to take a walk now. (

And I most certainly do NOT have specific days for specific tasks. I batch NOTHING. I act on inspiration always and only.)


So I thought I lacked focus.  

I thought I needed more ‘discipline’ and less chaos.

I never managed to change that. (Didn’t try very hard either…)

The reason for that is simple:


I can be super focused IF and WHEN I need to be.

When I’m coaching someone? I’m more present and more tuned in than most people I know.

When I’m writing a blog?

I sit down and write it.

When I get an idea for a podcast? I sit my ass down, turn on my phone, and record it instantly in one go.


So do I need more ‘focus’?


Do I need to move through my days in a way that seems less chaotic, less oh-let’s-do-this-now! ?



Because this?

Is what works for me.

Is who I am: super focused one moment, and just staring around or otherwise lost in my own inner world the next.


I never needed to change the way I work or how I move through my days.

I only needed to fully acknowledge, embrace and accept how things work for ME.


Maybe you’re a natural structured disciplined batcher 🙂🙂 

If so: great!

If not? Great!

Acknowledge who you are and what works for you.

Embrace it.

See the power in it.

And never ever EVER try and fit yourself in a mold not meant for you.

Do YOU, baby!




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