The main – and ongoing – theme for me this year has been: RELEASE.

So much releasing:

I’ve released BIG attachments to my mission & vision.

My vision drove me for years. It was my main drive, what set me on fire, and what made me get out of bed for SO MANY YEARS – and I let go of it. 

Not just my attachment to it, but the vision itself as well.

I let go of attachments to certain foods, to wine, and to coffee. Yes, that’s been over a year ago, when this whole releasing process was already in motion.

I released people, habits, thoughts, beliefs, ways of doing stuff in my business, things that used to matter and things that used to be true for me.

And it’s still ongoing.

Almost EVERY single day I come across a thought or belief or assumption I feel no longer serves me. And I release it.

I don’t think of this in terms of losing something.

I see this as a process of GAINING.

A process that brings me more peace, more soul, more freedom (SO much more freedom!!!), and that creates a MASSIVE space for more LIFE.

And for whatever wants to come through me, wants to be formed and expressed by me.

For energy that wants to come forth on this planet through me.


The old is burning and falling away for many of us.

Especially for the lightworkers, the changebringers, the ones who are here to help lift humanity into a new consciousness, a new reality, a new world, based on love instead of the fear- and scarcity based world that’s on its way out.

So if you’re going through a similar process of release?

And it scares you? Makes you feel lost? Or feels like you’re losing instead of gaining things? And you can’t see what this space will be filled with?

Know that all is well, and whatever happens happens for good reason – whether you know or understand that reason or not.

You are carried and guided every step of the way.

Your soul knows exactly what she’s doing.

This is what you came for.

Allow it to happen.

Let fall away what no longer serves.

Be open to more LIFE and whatever energies want to come forth through you.

You got this.

And life has got you.



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