Sometimes it comes in handy to have knowledge about how things are generally done.

And sometimes….that knowledge blocks you in finding what works best for YOU.

I was reminded of this when I saw Reese Whiterspoon’s interview with Sarah Blakely for her show ‘Shine On’ on Netflix. 

Sarah built her billion dollar business Spanx from scratch.

She started with 5000 dollars, and grew her business without ever taking out a loan or going into dept.

And how that was possible?

Is because she never even realized this was an option.

She didn’t know how scaling and growing a business is usually done.

And so, she did it her way. Quite successfully 🙂

So how do you know if your knowledge is blocking or serving you?

And if doesn’t serve you, then what?

Let’s take the example of launching a new program.

Let’s say you know 3 options to do that: a free webinar. A low-priced ticket to a live event and sell your new expensive thing from the stage. And a Jeff Walker-style launch with a couple of videos followed by a webinar.

And let’s say that none of these options speak to you. (Assuming this is not your fear speaking!!!! So check that FIRST.)

But this is how you see other people do successful launches.

This is how you think it works.

This is how you think it should be done.

But it doesn’t resonate with you and doesn’t feel completely right.

This knowledge clearly doesn’t serve you.


When you don’t feel completely aligned with the strategy you use, your results suffer.

You’re not all in. There is no joy and no spark and your potential clients feel that, too.

And you waste a lot of energy on making yourself do things you’d rather not do – and trying to keep your energy high even though it’s being drained in what you do.

Now you have two choices:

  1. You pick one of these strategies and force yourself to make it work. Because this strategy WORKS, dammit! You’ve seen it work for others, so it should work for you, too. (And if it doesn’t? You feel bad about yourself because, clearly, this is on you. Right? NOPE.)


  1. You shrug it off and say: “Whatever; I’m doing this MY way. Even though I don’t know HOW yet. I trust my soul will show me the way.”

Mind you, not everyone is aware that they HAVE this choice!

Many people do what others do because they don’t even realize there is another way.

Or because they think if you don’t know a different way yet, that’s because there probably isn’t one.

No no no no no no no!!!

There is ALWAYS a way to do things YOUR way.

(Yes, I wrote that sentence many times before. And will probably write it many times after this. It’s something you can’t hear often enough to make sure you stay true to YOUR way of doing things – even when you think that’s not possible or not done.)

But you can only see a different way when you decide to NOT walk the beaten path.

When you’re willing to find a different way – YOUR way.

When you decide and declare that there IS another way – even when you don’t see it yet.

And when you actively invite that other way in.

How you do that?

By telling your soul to bring you the ideas, inspiration and answers you seek.

And asking yourself this fun question helps, too:

If you had NO clue how this was usually done: what would you do?

Just play with it with an open mind and zero attachment to what (or if any) answers come up.

Don’t censor anything either!! Let all the answers come through and write them all down, no matter how unrealistically crazy they may seem.

And ask yourself that question in general for your marketing, launches or other areas in your business, too– it can bring you a fresh flow of ideas AND with that, maybe even better results:

If you didn’t know how this was usually done, what would you then do?

What if you decided there was an even better, easier, funner way than the way you do things now?

And you told your soul to bring you the insights you need to easily find and implement that new way?

Yeah….then what?

To not knowing,

And being open to limitless possibilities as a result,



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