Yes, you can be a coach and only coach for 4 hours per week maximum.

Yes, you can be a writer and write for only 1 hour per day.

And yes, keep reading even when you’re not a writer nor a coach.

This message applies to you as well.


Because whatever it is you think you SHOULD do because everyone else does it?

Is definitely NOT something YOU have to do, too!

I remember how back in 2012 I was FED UP with having way too much interaction with people.

When I started to feel into how many hours I wanted to spend in direct contact with people, either on the phone or face-to-face, I was initially shocked when I felt that 4 hours per week was my ab-so-lu-te maximum.


Well, shocked….I kinda always knew that that was the limit of my people-tolerance-threshold, BUT……I suppressed that for two reasons:

1) I had no clue back then how I could make enough money working as a coach when I only interacted with people for a maximum of 4 hours per week (which includes ALL kind of interaction, including sales calls, coaching calls, group calls, or a call to my bookkeeper or something like that.)

But, most importantly:

2) I felt a mixture of confusion, shame & guilt for working as a coach (which is generally considered being something for people-people), yet wanting to limit my contacts with people to only 4 hours per week (which is generally considered as something for anti-people-people).


But hey, it is what it is and this is me: I LOVE people – in moderation.

Same thing with writing.

Yes, I’m a writer. But I rarely write over 1 hour per day. Sometimes 2, but that’s about it.

That made me feel weird and doubt myself, too. Because REAL writers?

Sit their ass down at 9AM and write till the clock strikes 5! Right? 


I talk to and/or see people as often (or as minimal) as I want.

I write how often (or as little) as I want.

I do whatever I want whenever I want it exactly how I want it.


What’s right for others has NOTHING to do with what’s right for me.

And what’s considered ‘normal’ or something you really should do?

Is what I wipe my ass with.

That ALSO has nothing to do with what’s right for ME.


You may not be a coach or a writer.

And what lights you up or drags you down may be different, too.


But the same thing is true for you: 

Whatever suits you and feeds your soul: DO THAT

What doesn’t suit you and doesn’t feed your soul: DON’T DO THAT.

And forget about what others do or what you think you should do.

Even if it feels uncomfortable or weird.

Even when no one else does it that way.

And even when you think it’s not possible.

Because the truth is?

That there’s ALWAYS a way to do everything YOUR way.


Give yourself permission to do EVERYTHING your way.

Decide that you will.

And let the ‘how’ unfold step by step after that.

Just do yourself one favor before you move on to the next thing on your to-do-list.

Really feel into this:


If you gave yourself permission to do EVERYTHING in YOUR way, exactly as you like it, when you like it, how you like it…. 

What would you stop doing?

What would you start doing?

What would you change?

And then ACT on the answers you get.


You want what you want for a reason:

Because it’s what’s good for you.

Because it’s what’s true for you.

Because it’s what your soul wants to experience.

Because it IS you.


Stop worrying about what you should or can’t do and follow your soul.

And wipe your ass with everything else 😉




P.S.: Want to read more about how I created a business that allows me to only have 4 appointments per week MAXIMUM for only 3 weeks per month?

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