Whatever it is you think you cannot do: think again.

Because what you think you’re capable of? 

 Is based on false and outdated information and has NOTHING to do with what’s true & possible for you today.

Thinking you can’t do something comes from: 

 #1 Old conditioning.

The messages you received when you grew up. Messages and feedback others gave you about what THEY thought you were good at (or stunk at. Or would never learn.)

But these messages were based on THEIR ideas about what THEY thought you were capable of. Which says more about them than about you.

(And even if what they said was true back then, that’s all it means: it was true back then. Which says nothing about what’s true today!) 

You picked up these messages, started to believe them, and now think they’re the truth about you.

They’re not.


#2 Other people’s mindsets.

The messages you receive(d) that weren’t necessarily about you but represented ideas others had about what’s possible in general. 

Other people’s ideas about for example if it’s possible (or not) to become rich in a certain kind of work.

These messages represent THEIR beliefs and limitations. And even if it’s true for every person on the planet, that does NOT mean it’s also true for YOU.  

Again, these were messages you picked up, started to believe, and now think define who you are and what you’re capable of.

They don’t. 


#3 Conclusions you drew about yourself in the past. 

These conclusions were based on who you were THEN, on the results you got THEN, and on what you were capable of THEN. 

These conclusions were also influenced by the conditioning and messages you already received. And by other people’s expectations and assumptions about you. 

NONE of these conclusions say ANYTHING about what’s possible for you NOW.


What do you think you’re capable of when you let go of ALLLLLLLLL those old thoughts and beliefs?  

What if you realized that EVERY thought you have about what you can or can’t do (Or have. Or be. Or experience.) is based on OUTDATED INFORMATION & IDEAS AND TRUTHS THAT WERE NEVER EVEN YOURS? 

What if you realized that today is a new day, this moment is a new moment, and you are a different you, and nothing has to stay the same unless you choose it to?  

What if you release your past stories, stop thinking about limitations, and open your mind to what could be – and allow yourself to find out?  

Who knows what’s possible then? Who knows what you’re capable of then?

The truth is: you have NO idea what you’re capable of.

You have NO idea how good it can get. 

You have NO idea how easy (joyful / fun / amazing / wonderful / magical /…..) it can be.

You. Have. NO. Idea. 

There’s only ONE thing you need to find out:  

A new story to tell yourself.  

And then go do that thing you thought you could not.

Here’s a suggestion for that new story:

 I have no idea what’s possible for me. I have no idea what I’m capable of. Let’s find out! 


You can do SO much more than you give yourself credit for.  

And how good it can get?

You have no clue about that either.  

Go find out, baby. 

You know you want to 🙂






©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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