If you’ve ever learned anything about getting clients, you heard at least one of these things:

That it’s important to know who you’re selling to. (Your target market. Or your audience.)

That it’s important to know who your ideal clients are: the people you love working with most. The people who love you as well. Who are able and willing to pay you for your services. And whatever else makes these people ideal in your eyes. 

That it’s important to know them inside and out. (What magazines do they read? Where do they hang out online? What keeps them up at night?)

And that it’s important to ONLY speak to them in your marketing.


All this is certainly helpful.

And I’m VERY clear on who my ideal clients are myself.


It’s no problem if you DON’T know exactly who they are or where they hang out or what keeps them up at night.



Because your ideal clients are already here – and ALL you have to do to attract them is BE COMPLETELY TRUE TO YOURSELF in every aspect of your marketing and business.


It REALLY is that simple.

(Sure, you may need something more to turn that attraction into sales:

Some practical skills or marketing knowledge. And a couple of mindset shifts. Nothing complicated. And definitely something you can handle.)


How is it possible that all you have to do is be true to yourself & show up as your real self?

Because that’s how life works.

Every living being (which includes YOU) has her own place in the whole.

And every living being serves the whole SIMPLY BY BEING TRUE TO THEIR TRUE NATURE.

The flower doesn’t need to do anything to attract the butterfly besides BEING who she is.

The apple tree doesn’t need to do anything to attract the bee besides BEING who she is.


And you don’t need to do anything to attract your ideal clients besides simply BEING who you are – and acting in complete alignment with your true self.

Where there is a question, there is already an answer.

Where there is an answer, there is already a question.

Where there is someone whose nature it is to be a massage therapist, there are people who want a massage.

Where there is someone whose nature it is to write books, there are people who want to read those books.

Where there is someone whose nature it is to be a healer, there are people who need healing.

The whole is ALWAYS balanced, and everyone has her own place in the fabric of life.


Whatever it is you feel called to do (because you love it, enjoy it, can’t think of anything you’d rather spend your time on, or it simply feels right for you), is EXACTLY what is needed in the world.

So all you have to do to find or attract or allow in your ideal clients?

Is be true to YOU – to who you really are – in everything you do.

Not to the conditioned, compromising, watered down version of yourself!!

NO, the REAL you. Who you were before society’s opinions, judgments, conditioning and messages got a hold on you.

Who you still are underneath those layers of conditioning and adopted beliefs.


Get back to who you truly are. And be truer to her than ever before.

Not only will it be easier to find / attract/ allow in ideal clients.

It will also automatically lead to the unfolding of your purpose. (No need to search for that any longer: when you’re true to your real self you automatically live it.)

And most of all:

It will make you love your life, your business and yourself SO MUCH MORE.


How and where can you be even more true to yourself than you already are?

Feel into that. 

And act on the answers and insights you get. 

You’ve got this!

Because what you’re born and built for?

Is to BE YOU.

Easy peasy, baby 😉


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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