This morning, I started my day with writing (as I usually do.)

Still in bed, still in my morning kimono, not quite awake yet.

Which is perfect for writing.

Not so perfect for making a video…


after I finished writing, my intuition nudged me to record a short video of me reading what I wrote.

And when my intuition nudges me….I (allllmost always ;-)) listen.

So it is:

(the written version is underneath the video)

Do what matters.


What if

the most productive hours

of your day

are when you


stare at nothing


or do some thing

that makes you happy?


And what if

all those hours

you spend



acting busy,

are the hours

where you most effectively

stand in the way

of life unfolding for you

in your highest good?


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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