Take the time to connect to your soul, your heart, your intuition, your feelings BEFORE you dive on autopilot into your next action.

That only leads to lots of busyness, but not necessarily to doing what is needed in that exact moment.

Your soul knows your BEST way to EVERYTHING you want and need, and she’s constantly guiding you there.

But if you don’t take a moment, a second, to breathe and feel into your next best action, you miss it.


You miss out on opportunities, ease, joy, healing, and miracles when you push yourself forward without checking in with your inner guidance FIRST.

No, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. (And if THAT’S your biggest concern? You should DEFINITELY take the time to check in with yourself.)

Yes, you can always trust the answers you get.

Yes, you always know what to do in each moment.

It may not be something you want to do or feel comfortable doing. It may trigger doubts and fears. And your rational mind may disagree.

But it’s ALWAYS best.


And you ALWAYS know what it is.

Even when you don’t know – this simply means to BE with that feeling of not-knowing until your next best action automatically shows up from the inside out.

It ALWAYS does. It only requires trust and surrender to this moment – and not resisting ANYTHING.


Practice with it.

Play with it!

Being present in each moment and what wants to be done through you in that exact moment is the most fulfilling, joyful way to live.

And the answers to ‘but HOW do I get from here to there? HOW do I manifest this or that? HOW the hell can I ever make money doing this or that?’ show up in moment-to-moment guidance.


Stop asking HOW and start listening to what THIS moment wants from you and for you.

DO THAT. No matter how illogical it seems. No matter what it triggers.

This is how the steps you need to take reveal themselves.

This is how to make sure you always walk YOUR path, in full alignment with your soul.

This is how you manifest ANYTHING with the most ease and flow possible.

What does this moment want from you?






©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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