Yes, your soul is calling you.

Right now, as we speak.

Will you say ‘yes’ to her today?

Will you at least give some response today?


Before you think you have NO idea what I’m talking about and have even less of a clue what your soul is calling you into…

Yes, you do. 

It’s just that there are wrong notions about soul callings that make you doubt if yours can even speak at all.


Here are some myths about soul callings:


  • It’s something Grand and Big and Holy and Sacred. (And if it’s not, it’s probably not really a calling.)


  • It’s a complete vision for your life from start to finish, including a detailed road map on how to get there. (Haha! If only.)


  • It requires Giant Scary Leaps. (And you’re not willing to go there without knowing exactly where you end up.)


  • It’s mystical and spiritual. (And you’re too practical for that.)


  • It’s something super special and unique and something you never saw coming. (So if it doesn’t surprise you or others? It can’t be the real thing.)


  • It’s overpowering and takes over your life once you say YES to it – your free will is out the door from that moment on!



None of these are true. 

Your soul calling ALWAYS feels familiar, even when it takes you in a direction you didn’t see coming.

That’s because you’re BORN with it, you’re WIRED to do it. It’s already part of you so it never REALLY surprises you.

You have free will and it’s ALWAYS your choice to stay on your path or move away from it.

You are ALWAYS free to either listen to your intuition and deep inner knowing or not. And you WON’T be punished for it now or in the afterlife. You only miss out on more life and joy and inner freedom now.


Your soul’s calling can feel big or too big for you, yes – but that’s only because you can’t really picture it now and you don’t know how to get there yet.

It may FEEL like it’s too big for you, but again:

You’re wired for it.

You’re born to do this.

It’s never too big for you.

And you grossly underestimate yourself and your TRUE powers and capabilities if you think you can’t handle what your soul chose to do and experience on this planet.


But most of all? What your soul is calling you to do now is take ONE step or make ONE decision.

Will you send out that proposal – or not?

Will you say YES to the opportunity that’s in front of you now – or not?

Will you change that habit – or not?

Will you sign up for the gym / stop smoking / do a 10-day detox / sign up for that program / decide on a launch date / offer that new workshop / follow up on that phone call / …………….. or not?


Your soul is ALWAYS whispering nudges, inspiration and ideas to you.

Gentle reminders.

Taps on your shoulder.

Flashes of insight.

Moments of knowing.

They’re there in each moment.


Each moment, each day, holds new invitations and directions from your soul, from your SELF.

All you have to do is be awake in your life.

Pay attention to the clues and signs on your path, and the inner knowing you already possess.

You are called to do something in each moment.

And allowing your full purpose, calling and vision to unfold (without even knowing what that looks like!) happens when you follow these little calls as often as you can.


Saying YES to your soul can feel scary sometimes, but trust me – and you already know this is true, so if you don’t trust me, trust yourself on this:

It’s ALWAYS less scary than you thought it was before.

It’s ALWAYS more fulfilling and thrilling than staying where you are.

And it ALWAYS lights you up and makes you feel more alive – which is something you yearn for anyway.


Soooo….what say you today?

Will you listen to your soul today?

What’s your answer to what’s she’s inviting you into now?



From my soul to yours,






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Here’s how it works & what you get:

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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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