There are times when inspiration hits you from all angles and you follow up on it like crazy.

Everything goes smoothly and you’re super productive without feeling like you’re working hard.

And there are times when everything seems to slow down. There’s not much you feel like doing and you’re not very active – let alone productive.

It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you’re in active/production mode.

After all, our society put busyness on a pedestal and have you believe that you only matter when you DO, ACT and GET SHIT DONE.

And when you don’t DO a lot, you’re lazy, and that’s wrong, and it means there’s something wrong with you, too. You’d better get moving and kick your ass into gear now!

But that’s just not how it works.

Life – YOUR life – has its own rhythm. Has its ebbs and flows. Your energy changes throughout the day, the week, your cycle and the seasons.

Action and rest, shifting and integrating, reflecting and moving forward, being and doing – you need it all.

There needs to be a balance between it all.

What that balance looks like is different for each person.

And it can look very different for you daily.

Right now, I’m in a phase where, for whatever reason, I need a lot of rest, and quiet, and going inward.

Even though there’s plenty to do. And I have tons of ideas waiting to be implemented.

But I’m not inspired. I’m not called to DO a lot. And since I promised myself to act on inspiration and follow my soul and flow always….that’s what I choose to honor.

Sometimes my old conditioning pops up and tells me I should do more.

And then I shrug it off and go back to following what I KNOW, deep down, is what I’m called to do now.

Many people overrule the inner voice that tells them to slow down.

Because we were taught to feel guilty or bad when we don’t DO enough (and when is it enough anyway?) That’s why I’m here to remind you to ignore your guilt.

Ignore the shoulds.

And listen to what you know, deep down, is right for you in each moment. Even when that means you’re ‘lazy’ or ‘not productive’.

Your soul knows what you need.


Trust your flow.

And follow it.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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