We all have an original blueprint: 

The truest version of ourselves and our soul.

I have one.

You have one, too.


And if your business (and life) feel unfulfilling, not ideal, empty or somehow ‘off’?

You’re not living in alignment with your blueprint.

And your business isn’t built on it.


Your original blueprint contains the things that make you YOU.

Your deepest desires.

Your gifts.

Your vision for your life – including the vision you have for your work.


You don’t need to be crystal clear on EVERY little detail of your blueprint to build your business and life around it.  

All you need are some key elements and make sure these are the foundation of your business and life. 

And you always know if your business matches your blueprint:

If it doesn’t feel right?

It doesn’t match.


So if you feel that something is off OR you feel a desire to change your business without being sure what exactly needs to change? 

Stop thinking about the FORM these changes should take (a different audience; different offers; a different business model; different marketing strategies; etc. etc.). 

And explore if your business matches what you MOST love to do and how you MOST love to live. 

ALSO: explore this even if you feel that your life and business are pretty much as you’d like them to be. 


What working with people for 18 years on their TRUE desires and building their business & life around who they TRULY are has showed me, is that most people:

A) dismiss the things they truly desire because it doesn’t feel realistic, doable or attainable, and

B) even when they don’t dismiss it, they still don’t build their entire business around it – for the same reasons as mentioned above.


To reconnect with your original blueprint, start simple by answering these 2 questions: 

What do you most love to fill your days with?

And what do you need most to feel happy and balanced?


Forget about the exact FORMS this can or should take. 

Focus on the essence of your desire as much as you can.


Let me give you my own example to show you what this can look like:  

What I most love to do is reading, writing, and connecting with people at a SOUL level, talking about the essence of life or of whatever topic we talk about. 

What I most need to feel happy and balanced is A LOT of alone time.

And my ENTIRE business, business model, marketing, life, my offers, my services, my schedule…..EVERY single aspect of my business and life are built on these core desires.


I’ve had these desires since I was born.

I wasn’t able to articulate them until much later, but I ALWAYS knew how I wanted to feel and when I felt most happy.

I just didn’t think it was possible to build my life around this – let alone make a living from it! 


Even when I started my business 16 years ago I wasn’t sure HOW I could build my business around all of those desires.

I could think of offers and things to do that matched these desires. 

And it was easy to see how writing could be a part of it. 


But the reading a lot and the MASSIVE need for alone time?  

I didn’t know how I could ever build my business around that. And for the longest time, I didn’t even believe it was possible. 

But I did it anyway.

(If you want to read more about that process, you can read it here.)


It took me a while to build EVERY aspect of my life around my original blueprint. But it all started exactly where I tell you to start now:

By taking time and making space to reconnect to your original blueprint and find out what makes you tick and makes you YOU.

And by deciding to HONOR that – and make living and doing business in complete alignment with it an absolute non-negotiable you’re not prepared to settle on.


Go back to your original blueprint.

Start simple and small – but oh so profound!!! – with the 2 questions I gave you above:

What do you most love to fill your days with?

And what do you need most to feel happy and balanced?

Then check:

Does every aspect of your business and life match those desires?

If not, what ONE change can you make today that brings your blueprint and reality closer together?


Decide to honor your blueprint and to live and do business from SOUL – even if you have no idea how or if it’s possible at all.

And take it from there, step by step.

It’s a process.

It takes time. 

But the moment you make this decision and start making changes?

Is the moment you feel (so much) better already.


To your original blueprint  – 

And to honoring and living it to the max,









P.S.: Want to build your business around who you truly are and what you most love and want to do?

I can help.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here.


P.P.S.: How about that cool picture with this blog?!

It’s a simple selfie (taken in my bathrobe at an ungodly early hour ’cause I was up super early for some reason I can’t remember. And I used the app GoArt to make it look like this. You just upload your picture and pick an art style. Wait a few seconds and presto pronto: there’s your painting!

(I’m not sure what presto pronto means and if it means anything at all. But I’m obsessed with the Netflix series ‘Suburra’ right now, and equally obsessed by everything that sounds even remotely Italian. So there. Presto pronto, baby.)


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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