Most people don’t consciously use energy to grow their business.

Some because they don’t even know it’s possible.

Some because they have no clue how to work with energy to begin with.

And some because they forget to use what they know for their business – they only work with energy when they work with their clients.

But everyone can do it – whether or not you had any ‘formal’ energy training like reiki.

You can play with energy in countless ways.

And it makes a massive difference when you do!

Some positive effects are for example:

It gives you a MASSIVE positive energy boost.

Working with energy, however you work with it and whatever you use it for, ALWAYS fills you with an abundance of well-being.

It empowers you.

Makes you feel more connected to yourself, your heart, your soul.

It clears your mind and washes away worries and doubts.

It enhances your intuition.

Another powerful ally that helps you grow your business (when you consciously use it that way) and makes business and life go smoother: when you’re tuned into your intuition, you always know what to do and what’s best for you.

And yes, working with energy definitely makes a positive difference in your results, too.

It’s not always easy to track that, or to know for sure what exactly made for a specific outcome or result.

But when I look back at my own results and outcomes over the years, I see a distinct pattern:

The more I consciously used my intuition and added energy work to the mix, the better I felt AND the better my results were.

Yes, I still took action and did actual ‘work’!!!

That’s always part of the deal.

But it didn’t FEEL like I had to work hard for the results I got!

And there was definitely NO pushing, forcing, overwhelm or stress – and certainly NO over-working and being busy all the time!

Even though I KNOW how much of a difference it makes to consciously use energy in my business, I still often forget about it myself.

I practiced using my intuition for so long, that it’s my default state to tap into it now.

Tuning into my intuition all day every day is as normal as breathing for me now: it happens whether I think about it or not.

But using energy?

I still forget!

I decided to not only regularly use energy again – but ALSO to make consciously using energy my default state, just like using my intuition is.

(And honestly? This is one of the reasons I felt guided to create my new program Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business.

There’s no better way to help you consistently practice something than to teach others how to do it – and practice with them for 4 weeks straight ;-))

And I invite YOU to play with energy more, too.

It’ll make you feel great, I promise!!

(Yes, and it will ALSO positively impact your results – IF you’re consistent and give it a chance, as is true for every new habit or ‘tool’ you use.)

Here are 3 ways I use energy in my business for you to play with:

#1: Send energy to a specific situation.

Maybe you want to feel relaxed during a presentation or conversation.

You can visualize the situation and send energy to it.

See yourself in that situation and let it play out in the best possible way.

Amp that vision up with extra energy.

#2: Send energy to your business.

Send whatever energy you feel your business needs.

Tune into your business and ask what it needs if you’re not sure.

Maybe it needs extra love.

(Love is ALWAYS good, if you have no clue what kind of energy to send it.)

Imagine sending the energy to your business. Visualize it any way you like.

#3: Send energy to yourself.

You’re the driving force behind your business.

The better you feel, the better it is.

I don’t have to explain that further, right?

Tune into your heart and ask yourself if there’s a specific energy you need and send it to yourself.

If you’re not sure what kind of energy serves you best, send yourself love.

Take your time and really FEEL into the energy.

Don’t just go through the motions!

Make sure you’re grounded, too.

You need to be grounded when you work with energy!!

The more grounded you are, the more energy you can receive and hold.

There are many other ways you can use energy, but this gives you a great start to play with.

And if you want to:

  • Learn exactly how to consciously use your intuition to grow your business;
  • Learn exactly how to receive and send energy (and what else you can use this for);
  • Receive a healing activation & opening to clear your intuitive & energy channels;
  • Learn practical ways to use intuition and energy in your business daily AND for specific things like creating programs or your marketing;

My program ‘Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business’ is just what you need!

You get instant access to the program within minutes after your purchase is completed, so you can get started right away!

You can read all about & sign up for it here.

To the magic that opens up when you consciously use your intuition & energy,



P.S.: Growing your business is easier and more fun when you leverage your super powers:

Your intuition.

And energy.

Learn all about it in Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business. 


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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