Overwhelm. That nasty feeling you have so much to do and there’s not enough time.

Most people experience it sometimes. Others feel stressed out constantly.

So what can you do about it?

Let’s first take a look at some solutions that do not work.

Here are some common strategies that are not effective:

1) Work harder.

If you’ve tried this, you know it doesn’t work. You only end up feeling more tired and stressed out. For every task you finish, 3 new ones seem to show up.

Working harder is not the answer. You still feel you lack the time to do what you think you must do.

2) Try not to think about it / ignore the feeling.

Never a good strategy.

What do you think about when I tell you to stop thinking about a purple unicorn?


3) Begin your day with the tasks that seem difficult or scary.

This is a good strategy to get things done in general.

The activities you dread are an energy drain. When you get them out of the way, you’ll feel better and probably get more done.

But…it doesn’t stop you feeling overwhelmed. 

You’ll still feel there’s more to do than you have time for.

So what DOES work?

Before I give you the solution, it’s important to understand what overwhelm is:

Even though it feels like a time related issue, feeling overwhelmed has nothing to do with time.

Every time you feel overwhelmed, this is what’s going on:

You are either focused on the past (the things you should have finished by now) OR on the future (everything that still needs to be done).

As a result, you are not present in this moment. 

You’re disconnected from your body and your intuition.

You’re living in your head and are lost in a train of thoughts and fears.

These thoughts and fears are the cause of your feelings – in this case everything you feel when you’re experiencing overwhelm.

Once you know that not being present is the cause of feeling overwhelmed, you also know the solution:

Bring all of your attention back to the present moment, here and now.

Here’s how:

Stop what you’re doing. 

Sit down. Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths, until you feel yourself relax and aware of your body again.

Notice what you feel in your body. Notice what you hear. What you smell. What you see. How the temperature in the room feels.

Keep noticing what’s going on inside you and around. 

And keep taking deep breaths, until you feel calm again.

When you’re present in this moment, it’s time to call upon your intuition:

What do I need right now? What’s THE best thing for me now?

Do whatever comes up. Even if the answer is something that’s not even on your to-do-list.

Practice being present in the moment every day.

It will help you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Then, ask your intuition what your next best action is. And do it, of course 😉

These inspired actions are the best actions you could possibly take. You’ll feel better and more at peace, and get better results as well!

You won’t feel overwhelmed anymore when you stay connected to the present moment.

Try it!

To being present,




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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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