You have 2 amazing super powers available to you that you’re currently under using:

Your intuition.

And energy.

Maybe you use one (or both) when you work with your clients.

But are you using them in your business, too?

Consciously and consistently?

Probably not.

And even when you are, I bet you can do MUCH more with it than you already are.

When you consciously use your intuition and work with energy, you gain the magic and unlimited powers of the entire UNIVERSE.

It ALL conspires on your behalf now.

As it always does anyway – you’re just not consciously leveraging it yet.

But when you do?

Opportunities, synchronicities and miracles show up, out of the blue.

Things fall into place in ways you could never have imagined yourself.

Things unfold with so much more ease than you ever thought possible.

When you consciously use your intuition and energy to grow your business, MAGIC happens!

And right now, you’re not doing that at all.

Or not nearly enough!


Because you: 

  • Don’t know if you can always trust your intuition (How can you tell when it’s fear speaking? Or when it’s truly the wisdom of your soul?!)
  • Don’t think your intuition knows much about business. Can it help you in your work with clients? Sure. Tell you if you can trust someone? That too. But when it comes to money? Marketing? Growing your business in real and practical ways? Nah. You don’t believe it can help you there.
  • Don’t know how to CONSCIOUSLY work with your intuition. You can’t just call it in whenever you like, right? It’s more of an inner knowing that’s sometimes there, and sometimes …. isn’t.
  • Have no idea how to use energy to grow your business – how in the world does that work?! (And is that even possible if you’ve never learned reiki or any other energy modality?)
  • Or maybe you simply forget to apply what you already know.

It’s time to unleash those powers and put them to work for you in your business.


Start here:

#1: Decide to unleash and your intuition and energy, and to consciously use it in your business.

Even if you’re not sure how yet.

(And oh, hey, yes, I have the perfect ‘how’ for you. How about that? 😉

My brand new program Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business.

You can read all about it here.)

#2: Pay attention to what your intuition is already telling you:

What has been going through your mind more than once lately?

What is it you’ve felt called to do for a while, but haven’t done yet?

Stop ignoring it, and act on it now.

No time like the present 😉

#3 Consciously tap into your intuition. 

One way to do that, is to ask it questions like:

  • What most requires my attention now?
  • What wants to be done through me now?
  • What wants to be expressed or created through me?

Notice what comes up. And act on it.

You can also ask specific questions for your business or any goal you’re working on.

Ask great questions and you’ll receive great answers.

So make sure you ask constructive questions that will bring you clear, actionable and constructive answers!

It’s not difficult to use your intuition and energy – it only takes practice.

Start with the steps I mentioned above.

Play with it.

Make it a habit to tap into your intuition at least once a day, every day.

Act on the insights you receive.

And notice the difference in how you feel and your results.

Magic will open up for you!

To your super powers,




P.S.: Want to learn all about using your intuition AND energyto grow your business?

(Even if you’ve never followed any ‘formal’ training on working with energy like reiki?)

And practice what you learn in easy, fun and practical ways for 4 weeks?

My upcoming program ‘Business Magic – how to use your intuition & energy to grow your business’is just what you need.

You can read all about & sign up for it here.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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