“What you REALLY want comes straight from your soul.


It’s what your SOUL came here to be, to do, to experience, to LIVE.


And when you say YES!! to it, life bends and folds itself around you, helping you in all kinds of ways you can’t even imagine.”


Fragment from my upcoming book ‘Unmute Your Life – break free from fear and go for what you REALLY want!’


So often I hear women doubt if their desire comes from their ego or their soul.

And since they’re all about living their mission and soul’s purpose, it matters to them where their desire comes from.

I can relate. 

I wondered if my own Big Dream for my business was part of my soul’s purpose, or a desire based on my ego’s need to inflate or prove itself.


How you know the difference?

A) By asking yourself WHY you want something. Keep asking until no new answers come up. This brings you to the essence of your desire.

B) Whatever dream you have keeps coming back, no matter how often you try to push it back down.


To be clear: there’s nothing wrong with a desire that comes from your ego. 

But if you don’t know WHY you want something and what it is you TRULY crave, you’ll never find deep fulfillment and happiness – even when you get the thing you wanted.

It’s only when you listen to your SOUL and go for what your SOUL wants to be, do, have and experience that you can find true fulfillment and happiness.

(And yes, you can totally ALSO enjoy the crap out of good food / a nice house / a ton of money / or whatever it is you desire!!)


Ignoring your soul’s dreams for you will always make you feel restless and itchy.

Honoring them will always make you feel good – even when you encounter a bump in the road and things don’t go as you hoped they would.

And when you honor your soul’s dreams and say YES! to them wholeheartedly? 

Magic happens to bring it to you.


What will you say YES! to today?


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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