One of the reasons many spiritual entrepreneurs aren’t manifesting the results they want, is that they’re not firmly rooted.

They see the world as an illusion or place the so called ‘spiritual’ above the so called ‘material’.


But there’s no separation. 

Everything is spiritual.

And everything is energy.

Including our world that seems so material – and including all material possessions.


Your SOUL chose to have this human experience on this planet now.

If you don’t accept, embody and embrace that choice fully, and you don’t allow yourself to inhabit your body fully (and YES, of COURSE you can live from a higher perspective and your higher self while in your body) – manifesting anything material becomes a hell of a lot more difficult.


So if you have trouble manifesting money or other tangible results you desire? 

Check if you’re grounded.

If you embrace your human experience and inhabit your body fully.


If you think being spiritual means to look down on your human experience or material things, you deny yourself the full experience your soul came to have here.

And again: manifesting becomes so much harder then.


If your soul wanted to float around in another realm or dimension without setting foot in a body or on this planet, you’d be floating around in another realm or dimension without this body and without this human experience now.

But you’re here, aren’t you?

You’re living and breathing and experiencing and expressing yourself in a human body right now.

You CHOSE this.


Embrace it.

Accept it.



Manifesting becomes easier.

And your life so much richte.

(And no, I’m not just talking about money.)


To being grounded, rooted, and enjoying the crap out of your precious life – while your soul is in charge and leads you every step of the way!









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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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